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 Reel Retro Productions  is a digital media company dedicated to the creation and formation of  Imaginative ideas  and

 Artistic expressions .


Our  FOCUs  is on narrative film, documentaries, music videos

and cinematic promotions.


 established in 2008 

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 Christian D. Nelson  is an award winning Austin, Texas-based filmmaker, cinematographer, DJ, Editor and Composer. After establishing his own production company called  Reel Retro Productions , he has directed and produced numerous award winning short films that have been selections of such festivals as the Cannes International Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Festival, Austin Spotlight Film Festival- and many more! In 2016, Christian started producing music under the name  Khris Paradise . His works include cinematic compositions for film, as well as, LoFi Hip-Hop and jazz-style House and Trap music. He has won accolades and great reviews for his soundtrack work on the short films The Nightmare (2017), Muerte (2018) and the feature film Hollow Scream (2020).

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Christian’s body of work is focused on the  creation and formation of original, imaginative ideas and artistic expressions . His most recent short he wrote and directed called The Blue Heart of Lady Redd (2022).


Christian continues his journey of  growth, reflection and passion  through his love for film and music.

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